Wire tree sculptures have been around for at least 30 years as far as I can tell. Here is a link to trees designed by the late metal artist Omer Huremovic:  YouTube Wire Tree Sculpture or an article on his works.

Here are three of my favorite artist, who have been designing sculptures for over 25 years:

Clive Madison – WireWood –

Kevin Iris – Kai Trees –

Kevin Chrislip – Art of the Tree –


Learning How To Make Trees

I learned everything I needed to know to get started by another favorite artist:

Andy Elliot –

Check out Andy’s webpage My Work to see a couple of time-lapse videos on the creation of his tree sculptures.

To learn how to make a wire tree sculpture go to his tutorial page. View some of the available videos and purchase the full set for a very reasonable price. This is how I got started and allowed me to create over 120 trees in my first year.